At Education Development Trust, we improve school systems at scale and provide empowering employability and careers services to young people and adults.

Our global reach and impact

Our latest Annual Impact Report reveals the power that our programmes and expertise have to improve education across the world.

Annual Impact Report 2021/22

Research and insights

Our evidence-based expertise and analysis underpins improvements in education worldwide.

Research and Insights

Our expertise

Strengthening school systems

We work in partnership with clients to help them develop effective education reforms to improve teaching and learning across whole education systems. We use our research and evidence to support and scale up improvements to school systems around the world, tailoring our work to local contexts.

Teacher professional development

We know that effective teaching starts with excellent teachers, and highly effective teachers also help improve their peers’ performance as well as children’s learning. We support professional development journeys with expert content, resources and communities of practice, adapted to different needs, contexts and settings.

Supporting girls' education

Education has the power to transform girls’ lives around the world. We work to strengthen systems to improve learning outcomes and empower girls through quality teaching and learning.

Accountability and school inspections

We improve efficiency and expertise in school inspections, designing accredited accountability structures that delivery a positive impact on student outcomes and sustainably build good practice for local inspectors.

Leadership for learning

Education leadership is second only to the quality of teaching in terms of impact on learning outcomes. Our expertise enables effective school and system leaders to create the best conditions for student learning in a variety of contexts and settings, supporting them to become agents of change within and beyond their schools and districts.

Evidence for policy and practice

Underpinning everything we do, our research supports decision-making for governments, policymakers and practitioners. We use our data insights to identify and leverage the key factors that impact learning and develop global networks for evidence creation and sharing.

Careers education

We provide engaging and expert employability and careers guidance to young people and adults, including in communities where gender equity and poverty present particular barriers to work transitions and personal development.

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