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Our governance structure

Education Development Trust is a UK-registered charity and is governed by a board of trustees who direct the organisation's work. The trustees oversee the leadership who, in turn, manage Education Development Trust staff across the globe. In addition, multiple boards and committees ensure transparency and accountability throughout the organisation.

Our trustees carry full financial and legal responsibility for Education Development Trust. With a wide range of expertise and experience, they ensure that everything we do is in line with our objectives. They are elected by EDT's members, who champion our work and share their education experience and expertise for the benefit of the trust. The membership is also responsible for reviewing EDT’s work and ensuring that the organisation is staying true to its charitable mission,, principally at the annual general meeting.  

The leadership team are responsible for the day-to-day running of EDT, for ensuring we deliver according to our values, and managing staff across the globe. Several members of the leadership team also sit alongside the trustees on the Education Committee. This committee is responsible for decisions on funding for research and development projects, which is made available by reinvestment of up to £1 million of EDT’s surplus each year.

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