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About us

How we make a difference

Our vision is a world in which all lives are transformed through excellent education. We strive to improve education for learners globally, grounding our work in research and evidence. We support leaders to raise standards, improve school performance, develop great teachers and open career pathways – transforming lives and futures in contexts as diverse as Brunei, Kenya, England, Rwanda and Dubai.


We combine global research and our longstanding expertise with regional knowledge to inform education policy and practice. From early years education right through to post-school careers, we strengthen education systems, transform teaching and learning, ensure effective transitions into work, and contribute to global responses to key education challenges.

We use evidence-based methods to raise education standards all over the world, including in challenging environments and marginalised communities. We deliver innovation in schools, help teachers to improve their quality of instruction, empower educators to effect sustainable and cost-effective transformation in their schools, and reduce disparities in educational outcomes.

We draw on world-leading research and best practice. We use our international expertise to make meaningful local change. With extensive global networks of researchers and educationalists, we are ideally placed to combine international best practice with contextually relevant insights to improve educational outcomes, turning government ambitions for better education systems into reality. 

We design evidence-based, innovative solutions for education reform. Drawing on our continually refreshed body of research, we help our clients and partners to apply this knowledge locally, to address learning crises and reduce inequalities of opportunity.

We deliver effective solutions in practice and at scale. Our teams of passionate educationalists, skilled project managers and highly experienced support staff ensure we can deliver at scale and adapt to new contexts. We support our teams with tried-and-tested processes, rigorous review cycles, and enabling technologies.  

Measuring success ensures a positive impact on learning outcomes. We invest in research and development, deploying robust internal evaluation systems and metrics to measure success and ensure accountability. We review our programmes to ensure they are designed and delivered to meet the needs of students and educators worldwide. 

We are committed to building capacity for sustainable change. We work in close partnerships to ensure a lasting, successful legacy.  Our work helps to drive global understanding of education solutions, and we support global dialogues among international policymakers on education system improvements.  

We work with global partners to further the impact of our work. We frequently work in partnership with organisations such as UNESCO, Save the Children and the World Bank. We also work on behalf of government departments, such as the UK Department for Education and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, as well as a range of national education ministries.