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Supporting girls’ education

Girls continue to face numerous barriers to safe and equitable learning opportunities. A true understanding of the different barriers different groups face enables us to design approaches which meet these unique needs.  Our passion for girls’ education is matched by our experience and expertise, with a deep evidence base and extensive delivery of programmes that benefit girls across the world.

With experience of delivering girls’ education programmes at all levels of education systems and a wealth of relevant research, we are a trusted partner of governments and organisations seeking to address the specific barriers to girls’ learning – while also recognising the challenges boys face – to achieve gender equality. Our innovative, evidence-based and holistic approach enables us to successfully deliver at scale and empower key stakeholders to create lasting change. 

Our experience shows us that to maximise the return on investment in girls’ education, we need a combination of general interventions to increase the quality of teaching and learning for all children and girl-specific interventions. These interventions address unique barriers girls in different contexts face, whilst also addressing issues of safety and security which continue to impact on learning. Our approach strengthens the entire system by using evidence to diagnose barriers to girls’ learning and develop, deliver and evaluate gender-responsive solutions. 

Our combination of delivery expertise and our extensive research portfolio gives our consultants a strong understanding of the challenges to girls' learning in different contexts – and how to overcome them. We also invest in public research, generating, disseminating and applying evidence to gain a stronger understanding of what works and ensure that our interventions are supported by a thorough gender analysis to design appropriate, contextual and effective interventions.  

We continue to monitor and evaluate our work to enable us to continually adapt and ensure interventions are impactful, sustainable and have the potential to be scaled. 

Our model for girls’ education focuses on four key areas: addressing harmful gender norms and stereotypes within schools and the education system; ensuring a supportive policy environment for gender equality; quality pedagogy for learning and equity; and ensuring inclusion for all with family and community engagement and support throughout.

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