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Evidence for policy and practice

We have a dedicated research team with a 20-year track record of producing high-quality, rapid, and practitioner-focussed research. We draw on this research expertise to provide evidence for what works in education reform and maximise the efficacy of our projects around the world.

In our research, we endeavour to shine a light on promising practice. By methodically and systematically analysing 'bright spots' through quantitative and qualitative research, we identify lessons that can offer insight for other education systems. Equally, we conduct much-needed research in areas where there is a gap in evidence that could be used to support policy and reform.

We invest annually in our public research programme – the results of which are available free of charge – but our team also provides research services on a contractual basis to key clients, partners and government ministries, based on our expertise. These include rapid desk-based research and evidence reviews, meta-analyses, policy briefings, and detailed field research, with tailored outputs for the needs of specific countries, regions and audiences. To extend our reach, we regularly partner with like-minded organisations such as Save the Children, UNICEF, UNESCO, the University of Oxford and the British Council, or we work on behalf of other organisations, such as the Department for Education, FCDO, NORAD or the OECD.

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