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An established authority in English Language Teaching

We know that effective English language teaching starts with excellent teachers. Effective capacity building for educators is there at the heart of our work in English language teaching (ELT). 

Our work in ELT solutions is hugely diverse. Our teams deliver tailored professional development opportunities in small clusters of schools, assist ministries of education with national curriculum reform, and everything in between. We support, train and develop English language teachers, including those we recruit ourselves, to ensure they create the best possible learning outcomes for their students, helping them to attain the very best English language education.

We are hugely experienced in English language teaching. As an organisation, our origins lie in international ELT, and our effective, evidence-informed practice has been making a vital contribution to the development of the ELT profession for over 50 years. Not only do we improve practice in ELT and English-as-a-second-language (ESL) classrooms, but our research has also helped to develop the discipline of applied linguistics in the ELT area.

With our centre of English language teaching excellence in Brunei, where we lead the world’s largest, longest running English-speaking teacher scheme, we are a world authority on best practice on ELT. However, we recognise the importance of context in achieving excellence, so all of our programmes and supporting material are designed or adapted in light of local contextual factors, to best support learning.

In addition to our work in Brunei, we work with teachers of Syrian refugees in the Middle East in Lebanon and Jordan, building upon their existing skillsets in English language teaching. We use proven pedagogical approaches to empower teachers to improve their practice. Our English language teaching work in the Middle East is largely funded by the Alexandria Schools Trust (AST), following its merger with EDT in 2014. We are committed to fulfilling the former charity’s mission, promoting and maintaining the effective teaching of the English language in the Middle East.