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Teacher development

Teaching quality is the overwhelmingly most important factor in student performance. Developing excellent teachers is therefore key to raising education outcomes and is a fundamental component of our work in education reform around the world. Our teams support effective teacher professional development in a huge variety of contexts, including many in the Middle East. 

In Lebanon, our work with the Alexandria Schools Trust helps build the capacity of teachers who use English as a medium of instruction, better preparing Syrian refugee children to enrol in Lebanese schools and universities.  We are also developing our expertise in evidence-based supervision to enable education professionals in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt to become more effective supervisors.

Our approach 

We ground our approach to teacher professional development in an evidence-based model that enables and promotes teacher professional growth. Effective teacher professional development programmes require an  in-depth understanding of the knowledge base that teachers need to acquire and apply, and our experts ensure that our professional development activities target growth in those crucial aspects of learning.  

We also have significant expertise in using blended and remote learning for teacher professional development support, with experience not only of high-tech, but also low-tech and no-tech solutions, according to the needs of teachers in different contexts and localities. This includes mobile-enabled CPD, through which we successfully reached communities of Syrian refugee teachers with professional development activities in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.