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Article 09/05/2023

EDT Early Career Framework OFSTED Report published

Investing in early career teachers (ECTs) has never been more important. Following Initial Teacher Training, our Early Career Professional Development Programme (ECPDP) offers the essential specialist support needed to improve practice, build confidence and resilience, leading to better job satisfaction and retention.

Since the early roll-out of the Department for Education (DfE) funded Early Career Framework, EDT has been a lead provider. Beginning delivery from September 2021, we have delivered a funded programme for Early Career Teachers as part of the national roll-out, with cohorts starting annually in September, January, and April.   

As part of the Framework, the programme is inspected by Ofsted. Following our recent Early Career Framework Inspection, Ofsted has now published the report. 

Read the full content on the Ofsted website. 

The judgements on overall effectiveness are a testament to the effectiveness of the programme and our strong partnerships, which allow us to deliver impact for Early Career Teachers (ECTs). Given the critical objective of the programme is to retain ECTs, we are pleased to see the evidence of our impact is recognised through various aspects of the programme:   

“ECTs develop their resilience and self-efficacy because the lead provider places great importance on developing these attributes. Consequently, ECTs build the right foundations to support longevity in the teaching role.”

Building on the strong impact of our programmes, we will continue working closely with our Delivery Partners to deliver the best possible experience for ECTs and Mentors through our collaborative partnerships. We will ensure we are equipping ECTs to embed change in their settings and continue making an impact on the lives of children in schools across England.   

Patrick Brazier, Chief Executive of EDT commented:  

“We are grateful to the wide range of Delivery Partners and school colleagues for their support and responsiveness. The feedback which we receive from our participants demonstrates the sustainability of impact, showing how the training they receive has provided resilience and support, giving them new ideas to apply in the classroom. We look forward to continuing to tailor our approach, focusing on developing high-quality materials, events, and facilitation.” 

In 2021-22 the training EDT provided to ECPDP participants helped with retention in the profession: 95% of first year ECTs completed the year and continued to Year 2 working towards qualified teacher status (QTS), compared with 87% of final year postgraduate trainees awarded QTS nationally.  

According to participating teachers, the ECPDP training helped to: 

  • Close the gap for disadvantaged students by 80% 

  • Improve progress and attainment by 89% 

  • Increase student motivation by 99% 

  • Improve pupil behaviour by 84%.

On our Early Career Professional Development Programme, early career teachers (ECTs) learn valuable skills they can use in the classroom straight away and get the structured support needed to develop their long-term career as educators.   

Find out more about our ECPDP programme.