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Article 14/12/2023

EDT pledges commitment to refugee learners

Our work in emergency and refugee settings, alongside our research on policy and practice in these contexts, has long formed an important part of what we do at EDT. Ahead of this week’s Global Refugee Forum, we are delighted to share that EDT is formally pledging its support for refugee learners and their teachers around the world.

Education Development Trust commits to supporting quality education for all, including refugees and vulnerable populations. We will continue to work with governments internationally to improve national education systems and enable teachers to meet the needs of all students, building on the learnings of our multi-country research into the management of teachers in refugee settings and our experience supporting education for Syrian and Palestinian refugees. Through our public research we are committed to supporting the generation of new evidence to enable effective decision-making in relation to refugee teachers and students. 


To find out more about our work and research in this area, please click here.

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