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Article 11/01/2024

EDT presents findings on refugee teacher professional development at the Global Refugee Forum 2023

EDT is proud to have presented findings on the professional development of teachers of refugees, and formally pledged support for refugee learners and their teachers around the world, at the Global Refugee Forum between 13th and 15th December 2023.

At the forum, Helen West, Principal Education Consultant at EDT, participated in an expert panel of researchers and practitioners. Helen jointly presented with IIEP’s Katja Hinz on inclusive teacher professional development in refugee contexts, the topic of their contribution to NORRAG's latest Policy Insights publication, Refugee Teachers: The Heart of the Global Refugee Response 

Helen said, “participating in the NORRAG publication launch and the Global Refugee Forum was both inspiring and humbling. Moving forward, I'm hopeful that the value and importance of teachers of refugees will be increasingly acknowledged by donors and policymakers. At EDT, we remain committed to supporting teachers, particularly those working in challenging environments and teaching the most vulnerable learners.”  

EDT’s contribution to the NORRAG publication follows a multi-year research project through which EDT and IIEP have published a series of reports, policy briefs and films on effective teacher management in refugee settings in Jordan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The rationale for starting this research in 2018 was the lack of evidence on teachers of refugees, and we hope that, through this research series, we have increased the evidence available to policymakers to enable them to make informed decisions to support teachers.  

Find out more about our expertise in supporting education in refugee settings. 

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