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Podcast 08/03/2022

Achieving a gender-responsive pedagogy

Episode 3

If we consider the specific needs of genders in the delivery of education as we do with other factors such as disability, then the benefits of gender-responsive education can be felt by all.

In this episode of Brighter Futures, we’re looking at some of the key gender-based issues faced globally, how we can move towards greater gender-responsive education, the progress made thus far, and the steps yet to be taken in the realm of girls’ education.

Joining Tony McAleavy this time - Nora Fyles, Gender and Education Consultant and previous head of UNGEI (United Nations Girls' Education Initiative), Ruth Naylor, Lead Advisor for Girls' Education, and Rosa Muraya, Deputy Director of Education Development Trust's Girls' Education Challenge programme, 'Let all girls succeed'.

This episode covers:

  • The long-running push for greater provisions for girls’ education
  • Closing the gap between education policy and practice
  • Dangers of allowing interruptions to girls’ education
  • Developments made up to, and since, the recent pandemic
  • The need for targeted financial support and usable, accurate data

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