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Podcast 25/04/2023

Harnessing the Collective Power of Peer Review

Episode 4

When peer review does away with the ‘assessment’ approach and puts schools in charge of their skills growth, that’s where the power of the Schools Partnership Programme lies.

This collaborative approach to academic development is an evolving movement, with the potential to continue developing great leaders going forward.

Join us in this episode of Brighter Futures, with fantastic insights from Maggie Farrar (Education Consultant), Lesley Coulthurst (Kyra’s Head of Alliance) and David Godfrey (Associate Professor, UCL Institute of Education).


This episode covers

  • How the Schools Partnership Programme has evolved since its first iterations
  • Kyra’s successful involvement in the programme
  • How peer review works in practice, where the school sets the agenda
  • Where the SPP can evolve in the future, with international scale and wider stakeholder involvement