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Podcast 04/11/2021

How leaders of learning are improving education in Rwanda

Episode 1

Welcome to the premiere of ‘Brighter Futures’, the podcast brought to you by Education Development Trust. Each month we’ll be bringing together an exciting panel of renowned experts to share their take on groundbreaking research in the education sector, and we’re kicking off with an engaging look at recent research on the Rwandan response to last year’s Covid challenges.

Joining host Tony McAleavy on this episode is Education Development Trust and Building Learning Foundations' Rwanda-based Leadership for Learning Lead, Jean-Pierre Mugiraneza, and Amy Bellinger, who is currently leading the Education Workforce Initiative (EWI) for the Education Commission.

We discuss the shifting paradigm in professional development, a growing need to formalise comms strategies between head teachers & parents/guardians, and how ‘Leaders of Learning’ in Rwanda are collaboratively upskilling fellow educators in their local area.

This episode covers:

  • Takeaways from the recent report on school & system leadership in Rwanda during the Covid crisis
  • Rwandan schools’ use of ‘Leaders of Learning’, and how their collaboration has lifted schools in their areas
  • The simple tools that have helped boost parent-headteacher engagement throughout the return to regular schooling
  • ‘Learning Partnerships’ as a more collaborative approach to co-creative research
  • Opportunities presented by Covid to reconsider communication strategies between headteachers and parents

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