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Podcast 16/05/2024

How to deliver education reform at scale with The Brookings Institution's Brad Olsen and EDT's Elizabeth Ogott and Clare Buntic

The learning crisis in many low-income countries demands reform at scale, but how exactly can change be delivered swiftly and successfully?

Brookings Institution’s work across recent years has been trailblazing in what it takes to achieve this, and Brad Olsen is able to give key insights into how we deliver such reform in the Global South.

Brad joins us alongside EDT’s Elizabeth Ogott and Clare Buntic, as we delve into the ingredients to transformation, teacher buy-in, and togetherness.

This episode covers:

  • the key ingredients to successful education reform at scale
  • considering public perception around reform
  • how to motivate and incentivise teachers while delivering large scale change
  • engaging teachers as partners in authentic reform
  • the imperative role of good data in delivering good adaptive change.