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Podcast 24/05/2023

Strengthening the Connection Between Young People and Their Futures

Episode 5

Creating pathways for young people to bring career aspirations to life is an essential part of their educational journey, and one in which we’re seeing a positive shift.

Join us on Brighter Futures this week where we look at the growing initiatives around young people’s pathways with The Careers & Enterprise Company’s Oli de Botton, and Education Development Trust’s Mark De Backer & Wendy Phillips.

We hear their fascinating insight on careers education, from NEET-preventative measures to connecting with industry professionals and embedding careers education throughout the school journey. 


This episode covers 

  • How The Careers & Enterprise Company’s endeavours link into Education Development Trust’s goals 
  • Increasing the information available for young people to make good, well-informed decisions 
  • Complexities of linking schools with employers in rural areas 
  • The remarkable value of preemptively preventing students from falling through the net through Pre-NEET initiatives 
  • Tailored approaches to support for more disadvantaged groups 

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