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Insight 26/07/2021

Promising practices for a post-pandemic renewal of learning: lessons from Global Dialogue 2021

By Dr Anna Riggall

Following our Global Dialogue event earlier this year, our latest report draws on the rich discussions from the event to develop our thinking on some of the key ways in which we may be able to improve education for all as the world recovers from Covid-19. In it, we consider the importance of evidence and data in informing interventions and solution design, the need for mechanisms for participation and problem-solving and the significance of harnessing community and parental engagement.

Global Dialogue 2021, ‘Practical steps to a post-pandemic renewal of learning’ – the first virtual edition of this key event – brought together leading experts from across the world for important discussions on future of learning after the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic. The event, hosted by Education Development Trust, facilitated discussion among global experts on the design of education interventions which seek to make the tumultuous events of the past eighteen months less damaging to the futures of children and young people around the world.

In addition to a plenary session examining key issues, the event included three sequential panel sessions on effective teachers, home and community support of learning, and girls’ education and inclusion. It was specifically designed to give participants the opportunity to share new insights and hypotheses with an emphasis on identifying practical approaches and potential collaborations to help improve the future prospects of young people as we emerge from this pandemic.

While the discussions covered diverse and distinct topics, several broad themes emerged from across the dialogue. In this follow-up report, we draw on the rich discussions to develop our thinking on some of the key ways in which we may be able to improve education outcomes around the world as we look towards long-term education recovery.

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