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National Tutoring Programme

National Tutoring Programme Training Course

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Training Course provides School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors with high quality, evidence-based and accessible training. Designed to be completed over four weeks, the course has been divided into topics that research shows are high-leverage areas for tutoring. Feedback from the training course is excellent with 92% of School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors rating the training as good or outstanding.

The curriculum covers core topics, including: 

  • Tutoring Implementation Best Practice
  • Creating Safe Spaces for Children
  • SEND and EAL: Putting Theory into Practice
  • Behaviour and Motivation
  • EDI - Promoting Diversity
  • Alternative Provision Best Practice (optional)
  • Speech and Language Therapy (optional)

The course also contains subject-specific and phase-specific content that enables each tutor to learn best practice methods tailored to their tutoring context.

Schools can nominate prospective School-Led Tutors for the training using the nomination portal, selecting the most appropriate pathway. There a a wide range of pathways based on phase, subject and experience.  School-Led Tutors or Academic Mentors that have completed the NTP training previously but would like to refresh their understanding of best practice tutoring and mentoring, can complete our Refresher training pathway. You can find more details about our pathways in the video below.



The training is accessed completely online and can be done at any time that is convenient for the School-Led Tutor or Academic Mentor. They will have four weeks to complete the training from the time they start. Upon successful completion of the training course, particpants receive certification as a School-Led Tutor or Academic Mentor, recognised by the Chartered College of Teaching. Eligible tutors can also receive partial credits towards Chartered Teacher Status.   

Once the training has been completed, School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors have the option to complete further study to gain the Award in Professional Knowledge for Tutoring from the Chartered College of Teaching. You can find out more information about this here