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EDT attends the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood's ‘Shaping Us’ National Symposium

Education Development Trust was delighted to be invited to the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood's ‘Shaping Us’ National Symposium on Wednesday 15 November 2023, hosted by HRH The Princess of Wales as part of her campaign to raise awareness of early childhood.

What does lifelong learning mean for careers guidance?

Lifelong learning – learning beyond compulsory schooling – can be an important factor in enhancing an individual’s employability and personal development, as well as social inclusion and active citizenship. As part of Lifelong Learning Week, this article examines the connection between lifelong learning and careers guidance.

Applying the neuroscience and psychology of learning to edtech

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, technology has become an integral part of the learning process. Whether in traditional classrooms or virtual environments it can be easy to forget that the brain is always there – doing what it has done for millions of years. If we are going to make instruction design as effective as possible and embrace the full potential of edtech to enhance learning experiences, it is important for us to understand how the brain functions and apply principles from the biology of learning and cognitive psychology to create effective learning materials.

Teaching and thriving in refugee settings: creating an enabling environment

The work of teachers is crucial in any education system, but in refugee settings, their role is particularly significant. These teachers are sometimes the only educational resource available for learners in these vulnerable settings and may also provide critical socio-emotional support for refugee learners. In this article, the first in a series on durable solutions to the challenges faced by teachers in refugee settings, we explore the importance and implications of fostering an enabling environment for these teachers.

The nuances of applying research to real world teaching with Cat Scutt, Emma Gibbs and Dr Richard Churches

An evidence-based approach to applying research in the education sector is a great grounding for improving practices, but how do we ensure its proper application?

Engaging children and parents in career development enriched by employer engagement in Jordan

In response to concerns over youth unemployment, skills mismatches and gender labour market segmentation and in alignment with the Ministry of Education's Education Sector plan (2018-22) and the National Strategy for Human Resources Development (2015-25), the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is experimenting with new approaches to career guidance in partnership with the UK-based Education Development Trust (EDT).