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Article 20/03/2023

EDT and ImpactEd publish report into benefits of school-led tutoring

Education Development Trust (EDT) has been delivering training for the School-Led Tutoring route of the National Tutoring Programme since 2021, and recently expanded its training offer for the 2022-23 academic year. This helps to ensure that all tutors employed by schools have the right skills and knowledge to provide high-quality tuition to their pupils, and that schools understand how to embed tutoring effectively within their own contexts.

The objectives of the National Tutoring Programme are: 

  • to address the impact of Covid-19 on educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils 

  • improve the quality of tutoring within the sector  

  • embed a culture of tutoring within schools as part of the longer-term solution to address the attainment gap. 

New tutors are offered pre-service training before commencing tutoring sessions and continue to receive ongoing in-service training, informed by the latest research in best-practice tutoring.  

Exploring the features of successful school-led tutoring 

In its publication, ‘School-Led Tutoring Route: Final Evaluation Report’, commissioned by EDT, ImpactEd has explored in depth the evidence around the impact of school-led tutoring in the 2021-22 academic year and what good school-led tutoring looks like. Click here to read the full report.

As the role of extra tuition in the English school system grows ever more significant, the report is not only well-timed, but it also offers key insights to schools as to how they can improve pupil outcomes through tutoring.  

The key learnings and considerations from the report, which identify the most effective approaches to school-led tutoring implementation, align broadly with Ofsted’s independent review of tutoring in schools phase 1 findings and will support school leaders to make the most of school-led tutoring and to embed it into their curriculum and school culture. 

Key learnings from the research project: 

1. School staff, including tutors as well as senior leaders, are aware of and engage with the evidence base on best practice for tutoring. 

2. Schools embrace the flexibility provided by the School-Led Tutoring model to prioritise the needs of their pupils, and are willing to adapt delivery regularly where needed to overcome any implementation challenges. 

3. Schools carefully consider which pupils will benefit most from School-Led Tutoring specifically (as opposed to, or alongside, other interventions) and regularly evaluate the impact. 

4. Regular and clear communication channels are in place between tutors and teachers.  

5. Schools engage with families to make them aware of the tutoring offer and its purpose, increasing buy-in and attendance. 

The National Tutoring Programme provides greater accessibility to small-group and individual support for children who need it most, often disadvantaged students. EDT is committed to supporting the implementation of school-led tutoring and academic mentoring and, in the process, the raising of attainment for the pupils most impacted by the disruptions to learning caused by the pandemic. 

Yalinie Vigneswaran, Senior Programme Director – UK Education Services, said, 

"Tutoring continues to be a critical part of the learning strategy for schools across the country and I'm delighted that Education Development Trust will continue designing and delivering training for School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors as part of the National Tutoring Programme. Our initial training as well as ongoing professional development of School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors means that school communities can feel confident about the high-quality tutoring reaching the pupils who need this support." 

Click here to visit the National Tutoring Programme webpage and find out how your school can nominate tutors for training



School-Led Tutoring Route - Final Evaluation Report

School-Led Tutoring is one of three routes of the Department for Education's National Tutoring Programme (NTP). The objectives of the School-Led Tutoring route are to address the impact of Covid–19 on educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils, improve the quality of tutoring within the sector and embed a culture of tutoring within schools as part of the longer-term solution to address the attainment gap.

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