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Improving education across the globe

We work with governments and development partners to strengthen education across the globe.

We have worked in almost 100 countries over the past 15 years, with a broad range of clients, including FCDO, UNICEF, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the EdTech Hub, NORAD, the EU, KHDA, and ministries of education in contexts as diverse as the UK, Sierra Leone, Abu Dhabi, and Malawi. We work with governments and development partners to strengthen education across the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, raising standards through accountability and inspections, developing teachers and leaders, and supporting girls to stay in education. Our consultancy team offers tailored advice, technical assistance, and delivery and project management support to school systems globally. In 2022/23, we positively impacted:

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schools and educational organisations

Our expertise

Accountability and school inspections

We are a world authority on school inspection and evaluation, having inspected schools around the world for almost 30 years.

Education in emergencies

We provide rapid-response support and advice in emergencies, as well as both immediate and long-term technical assistance for post-crisis capacity building and reform.

Employability and careers

We use our expertise in employability and careers services to bridge the gap between education, training and employment, working with national and local funders to deliver high-quality support to adults and young people.

Girls’ education

Our passion for girls’ education is matched by our experience and expertise, with a deep evidence base and extensive delivery of programmes that benefit girls across the world.

Inclusive education

All children should be given the chance to learn. Our experienced programme teams design reforms to reach the most marginalised learners.

Inspecting British schools overseas

Education Development Trust is authorised by the Department for Education in England to inspect British schools overseas - international schools that offer a UK curriculum.

Leadership for learning

We support school and system leaders to become agents of change beyond their own school or district, driving efficient and effective school reform.

An established authority in English Language Teaching

Our 50 years of experience in the development of the English language teaching profession makes us an authority on best practice in this area.

Our research

We have a dedicated research team with a 20-year track record of producing high-quality, rapid, and practitioner-focussed research.

Providing education-led, tech-enabled solutions

We adopt an ‘education-led, tech-enabled' approach, which ensure that the way we use technology in the design and delivery of our programmes enhances – rather than diminishes – impact and value for money.

System strengthening

We have been working on at-scale education reform for nearly 40 years, both as researchers investigating powerful international case studies of successful school reform, and as practitioners working in partnership with Ministries of Education.

Teacher professional development

Our experts are key to developing high-impact teaching methods and effective teacher professional development to improve both learning outcomes and teacher retention.

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