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The ‘missing middle’: creating an environment for the middle tier to drive change in education

In the face of a widespread crisis of teaching and learning, policymakers around the world must consider how best to strengthen their education systems to improve teaching and learning outcomes – and to do so at scale. One key element of the education workforce is too often neglected in this mission: the middle tier. Here, we share insights, based on our research with IIEP-UNESCO, on the creation of an environment which unleashes the potential of a professionalised middle-tier workforce. If properly enabled, the middle tier – rather than being a marginal part of the education system – can be a vital asset – pivotal to policy implementation and transformational change.

School-Led Tutoring Programme: free, individualised support for thousands of tutors

One of the newest additions to Education Development Trust’s UK portfolio, the School-Led Tutoring Programme has trained, assessed and endorsed thousands of School-Led Tutors across the nation since its launch in November 2021. This work aligns directly with Education Development Trust’s overarching vision to transform lives by improving education and our decades’ long legacy of supporting pupils by providing them with enhanced opportunities to learn and thrive. We have been delighted to see the incredible progress made in the initial few months of the programme and we are heartened to know the important difference our work is making to pupils and educators who are working hard to overcome the significant challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.