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Supporting play in early years settings

A child’s early years – between birth and age five – are fundamental to their development, laying a foundation for future learning, skills and behaviours. Early years educational provision is therefore hugely important, and play is at the heart of effective provision. Supporting play in early years settings is crucial: it improves children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing and helps them to learn about the world and themselves, laying the groundwork for their future learning and development potential. In this commentary, we consider not only the importance of play, but what this means for early years practitioners and how these practitioners can best be supported through effective professional development.

Building on Success: supporting early years practitioners in Covid-19 recovery

The early years sector has faced multiple challenges in recent months, with disruption from the pandemic converging with staff shortages, increased safeguarding concerns, higher numbers of children identified with additional needs, and a new statutory framework to implement, as well as pressure to ensure businesses remained financially viable. Despite this – or perhaps as a result – there was demand from the sector for high quality professional development to give practitioners the tools to support children effectively. The ‘Building on Success’ programme has emerged as an effective response to this – well-designed and responsive to the needs of early years professionals.