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Insight 02/01/2024

Annual Impact Review 2022/23

Our Annual Impact Review for 2022/23 once again reveals substantial growth in the reach and impact of EDT’s work around the world.

This year’s review – the fifth of its kind – focuses on the period between September 2022 and August 2023, and shows not only how we have touched the lives of more teachers and learners than ever before, but also highlights some of the real, human stories of our impact on the lives of individuals across the globe.

This year, our work impacted 12.3 million school-age learners worldwide – 3.1 million more than in 2021/22. We also impacted the work of more than double the number of teachers and over 14,000 more schools than in the previous year, equipping educators and school leaders to create positive, lasting change.

Our experts have continued to work in a hugely diverse range of countries around the world, both on our large-scale programmes and as part of our world-class consultancy service. Meanwhile, we have continued to contribute to the global evidence base on what works in education, and worked alongside partners including ministries, donors and non-government organisations to design sustainable solutions to education challenges across the globe. From improving foundational learning outcomes in Rwanda to supporting teachers of refugees in Lebanon, empowering school leaders in Ethiopia, and opening career pathways in England, we are hugely proud of the achievements of our people around the world.

This is not least due to the real, tangible impact that their work has on individual lives – enabling disadvantaged girls to remain in school, helping NEET young people into work, and effectively supporting children with special needs and disabilities in their classrooms. Their stories, along with many others presented in this review, are central to what we do: transforming lives through excellent education around the world.

Annual Impact Review 2022/23

Annual Impact Review 2022/23

Our fifth Annual Impact Review reveals phenomenal growth in the reach and impact of our programmes to improve education across the world. The report – focusing on the year to September 2023 – shows how we have engaged with more teachers, leaders and education systems internationally than ever before and improved outcomes and experiences for learners.

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