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Girls' education

Our passion for girls’ education is matched by our experience and expertise. We have extensive experience of delivering at-scale education programmes that benefit girls across the world, as well as a deep evidence base in what works in girls’ education.

Teacher development

We know that effective teaching starts with excellent teachers. We have been working with teachers in Africa for over 30 years. Our flagship programmes, research, and consultancy work are designed to promote effective teacher professional development to improve learning outcomes and the overall quality of education provision.

EGRAM: Sierra Leone

Our Early Grade Reading and Mathematics programme (EGRAM) in Sierra Leone aims to develop the capacity of teachers to improve reading and mathematics skills among children in primary Grades 1-3.

TARGET: Ethiopia

TARGET provides essential technical support to projects focused on improving quality of education for all in Ethiopia, with an emphasis on inclusion and equity for marginalised learners.

Building Learning Foundations

Through our Building Learning Foundations (BLF) programme, we worked with the Rwandan Ministry of Education, Rwanda Basic Education Board and National Inspection Authority to strengthen Rwanda’s education system.

Girls' Education Challenge

Our FCDO-funded Girls’ Education Challenge programme, Wachisana Wetu Wafaulu, was a holistic, six-year project specifically designed to strengthen the transition of vulnerable girls from primary into either secondary school or alternative, productive livelihood pathways, which ended in 2023.

TEACH: Zimbabwe

The TEACH (Teacher Effectiveness and Equitable Access for All Children) programme is designed to enhance teachers’ effectiveness and improve learning outcomes across Zimbabwe.

The necessity of female teachers for girls’ education in crisis settings

While gender disparities in the teaching workforce persist worldwide, the issue is particularly prominent in crisis- and conflict-affected contexts, with notable shortages of female teachers, especially at secondary level. Closing these gender gaps is an important factor in supporting educational opportunities and increasing attainment for girls in these settings.

The future direction for careers in England: maximising opportunities for personalised guidance within school and beyond

During National Careers Week in the UK, Mark De Backer, EDT’s Deputy Director for Young People’s Services, considers whether 2024 could be the year that England shapes its careers system’s future. While there have been promising steps forward in shaping England’s careers provision in recent years, there remain significant opportunities for improvement.

EDT partners with Cornwall Council to support disadvantaged young people on Yep! Youth Engagement Programme

We are delighted to announce that EDT is a partner in the launch of the Yep! Youth Engagement Programme, which will build the confidence, resilience, and skills of disadvantaged young people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, UK, helping them to move into employment, education, or training.