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National Tutoring Programme

Tutoring Excellence

Tailored seminars for tutors


The new fully funded Tutoring Excellence seminars are a fantastic chance for School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors to develop tutoring best practice, grounded in research. 


About our seminars

Our seminars are available to groups of between 20-60 School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors, however, we may be able to accommodate smaller groups, so please do get in touch if you have fewer than 20 tutors in your network. Cohorts can choose from seven individual sessions.

The sessions are 90 minutes in length and delivered by our team of expert Education Advisers. You may access one or several of the seminars throughout the academic year, depending upon the need of your School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors. The sessions will be tailored according to your tutors’ subject, phase and experience needs, ensuring seminars have maximum impact. Upon registering, School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors will be given access to our Tutor Development Portal, where they can find a number of additional resources to help them to deliver tutoring in their setting.


Within the sessions, we ensure that participants have opportunities to:

  • work collaboratively
  • problem solve in small groups
  • support each other’s learning.


In addition, our Education Advisers will:

  • share evidence-based teaching and learning strategies
  • encourage tutors to create their own networks to support their ongoing tutoring activities
  • foster a culture of sharing best practice that empowers tutors.


Seminars are structured in a way that enables participants to explore key pedagogy and best practice, utilising breakout rooms to facilitate small group collaboration and discussion, with a final stage of implementation of learning in their context.




How do I motivate and engage my pupils?​

This seminar will focus on how to develop a motivating and engaging tutoring environment in which pupils can learn effectively.

How do I explain difficult concepts?​

Different concepts need different types of explanations, and an effective explanation is clear and concise. This seminar will focus on how to design and deliver effective explanations that support pupil learning.

How do I check that my pupils understand?​

This seminar will explore how effective assessment can help to sequence learning and target specific needs, making the most of learning time.

SEND: How do I adapt learning to support individual needs?

Supporting all learners, this seminar aims to develop understanding of the barriers to learning that emerge from special education needs and other cognitive challenges, providing strategies to support progress for all.

How can I support pupils to develop oracy skills?

This seminar will explore how oracy can be embedded into tutoring sessions, improving the progress, personal social skills and life chances of our most disadvantaged pupils.

How do I give effective feedback?​

This seminar explores how to provide useful feedback to pupils that will move them forward in their learning.

How do I support pupils to remember learning?​

This seminar explores the important differences between learning and memory and offers practical techniques to support memorisation of learning.


Prerequisites for participation 

To maximise learning, participants will be required to:

  • be in role as a School-Led Tutor or Academic Mentor within an education setting
  • have completed the National Tutoring Programme Training Course or hold Qualified Teacher Status
  • be given time to access training events
  • have access to an individual computer (including microphone & Microsoft Teams access) throughout the training sessions.
  • have access to a safe space by themselves where they can interact with fellow participants.


We are looking for individuals who can coordinate the attendance of School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors in their networks at one or more of the Tutoring Excellence seminars. As a key point of contact, you will be able to agree a convenient date and time for the session(s), select a focus and collect key tutor information, to enable participants in your organisation to join one or more of the online seminars.


We have a limited number of spaces available, so enquire today about scheduling our new Tutoring Excellence seminars for your School-Led Tutors and Academic Mentors. Email to register your interest.